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Christmas menu ideas

First, you must decide whether you need a traditional festival or modern. Of course, you can have a mixture of both to do, if you know your family and guests will love. Thus, there is something for everyone to enjoy, either directly from the deep-fried turkey barbecue or salad shrimp and festivals. Cold ham, delicious menu item is useful. It is very easy to prepare the day before the special glossy ginger, maple syrup or cranberry sauce. Glazed ham will wow factor, the most important thing is, you will not have any with it except as Christmas.

Traditional menu may look like this:
• roast turkey with stuffing and gravy
• glazed ham
• goose fat or duck fat roast potatoes
• roast pumpkin, or Pass Neptune
• honey pot roasted carrots
• cranberry sauce
• Christmas pudding and ice cream

A modern menu might look like this:

• Fried Shrimp
• Holiday Salad
• glazed ham
• Gourmet Cheese
• Tiramisu Pavlova or

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Even if you have a traditional dinner, your favorite dessert in exchange for lighter things, such as chocolate mousse, Pavlova, or tiramisu. All of these desserts are special enough to enjoy the big day.

Do not forget nibblies! Think of meat pies, spiced nuts, ginger biscuits, Christmas cake and homemade truffles.
If you want to give your guests a healthy choice, why not consider cooking fresh vegetables? The only problem, your guests a delicious festive food, lunch or dinner, is filled in advance they are not careful, it will not be able to do justice to your lovely food.

One way this happens is to stop the amount of snacks before restrictions. Then you will not feel that your guests are too full of all the hard work in the kitchen to appreciate! If you're lucky, you can give your guests the gift of wine. This can come in handy in case you do not wine, entertainment them! Sometimes it may be difficult to work out how much alcohol you need: Some people can drink more than others, and some guests limit ourselves to a glass of wine