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You can put your wife back to the place where you either get married or engaged, and thinking about how it all began. You can dress up nice suit, in one of her bunch of flowers. Women tend to roses, but any type of flowers will do just fine. You can also make her a box of truffles or chocolate. Women often obsessed with chocolate. Flowers and chocolates just enough, but you think you want to do more.

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Another idea is to get your wife some nice wholesale perfume. Wholesale perfume can be found in many department stores and pharmacies. Wholesale perfume she would like and may want to go out to get some more wholesale perfume samples, she this one. There are many good perfume so you can ask a salesperson for help.

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There is also a good idea what makes your wife's wedding anniversary is a beautiful jewelry together. Remember, she may already have a good choice for her to buy from you before your wedding. You can make her a pair of diamond earrings or a pearl necklace. If she already has these items, you need to get a little more creative. Maybe you can get her diamond rings and bracelets or pearls. Another good idea is to start a bracelet for her. You can now begin, the two attractive, and a symbol of your wedding day and the other a symbol of your first wedding anniversary. Then, in her life, she can continue in a small charm, and add to their charm bracelet. This is a creative, meaningful gift. She would appreciate your thoughts to the idea of it.